Your carport may have come already attached to your home. If this is the case, it was likely a typical carport with four main posts and an overhang to protect against rain or falling debris. In some cases, the carport may be attached to the house with two poles stabilizing the carport at the far points. If you are considering upgrading your carport, or even building a new one, consider the following upgrades:

Close In the Carport

If you have an open carport, meaning you are covered on the top but have no walls, then your car is only partially protected. You may have cover from rain or snow, but there is nothing protecting the side of your car during high winds. One of the upgrades you can have done to your carport is to have it closed in on three sides with metal or other protective material. Most carport companies can install panels on the side of the existing carport and complete the upgrade fairly quickly. This upgrade gives more stability and security to the carport and offers extra storage for items that normally could not be placed under the carport due to weather.

Add a Storage Loft

You may already have a closed in the carport, but storage may be limited. One of the upgrades you may want to consider is to add a storage loft. This loft can be added to the top of the carport with a small space placed to access the loft or can be built on in various other ways. Once the loft is placed, you can use it to store holiday items, storage boxes, and even add hooks to store bicycles and other items.  This loft can be built with sliding panels to help access items and place items in the loft easily.

Guttering Upgrades

Many homeowners think about guttering as a part of the roofline along the house itself. They rarely think about having guttering attached to the carport. If the carport is attached to your home, then you could have issues of rainwater runoff getting stuck and settling at the seam between the carport and roofline. Guttering can help move the water and get it away from the area just like it does with normal home gutters. If your carport is a standalone carport, then guttering can help you collect more rainwater for the garden or simply move the water away for better irrigation and reduced chances of wood rot in the carport.

These upgrades can give your carport more stability, security, and curb appeal. If you are ready to move forward and upgrade your carport, consider contacting a local contractor. They can give you pricing, design assistance, and bring in options you may not have already considered.