Awnings have been used on the exterior surfaces of homes for many years. They started off as a way of blocking the sun's rays while residents relaxed outdoors. However, they have slowly evolved into fashionable items for the home. Different awning designs can turn your patio or outdoor deck into an ornament of style.

Awnings can be placed on outdoor walls, above doors and windows, or on independently installed support panels. Here are several ideas for awnings in the home that will make your neighbors and guests jealous. 

The Kitchen bistro style

For patios that are spacious and comfortable, an expansive awning that covers most of the roof can give your home an outdoor bistro feel that is observed in most restaurants. The awning can cover the entire roof and block out harmful rays from the sun during hot days.

You can also install a retractable awning that can protrude out to different lengths. For the design of the awning itself, you can't go wrong with bold colors or stripes that complement the patio furniture.

Fixed awnings for tight outdoor spaces

If you have a smaller patio, you don't have to sacrifice on awning décor. You can install a timeless look to your outdoor space by blending the color of the awning with your exterior walls, floors and furniture.

Wooden awnings can complement earth tones and wooden outdoor furniture, while aluminium awnings can go along with metal roofing in the home.

Experiment with shapes

For outdoor decks that are not necessarily joined to the exterior of the home, you can decide to be bold with the shapes of the awnings. Sharp triangular designs can give the home a modern Asian feel, while awnings embedded with various artwork can allow for artistic expression.

The edges of the awnings also offer a surface for design experimentation. Try different fabrics along the edges.

Awning materials

Awnings come in many different materials including fabric, wood, glass and metal. Depending on the theme you're going for, these materials can offer the perfect complement to your outdoor space. Vintage looking homes can't go wrong with glass awnings on the front door to give the property a timeless feel.

In addition, fabric awnings are the epitome of flexibility and can be used on any type of outdoor space. The secret lies in the designs used and color combinations. If your home has one bold color, a striped awning can provide great contrast. On the other hand, a patio with busy colors would work best with a neutral-colored awning.