A massive window crack or a hole in the window aren't the only indicators that you need window repairs -- although they're certainly among the most obvious. Below, you'll learn about two of the lesser known signs that you might need help from a place like Robertson's Glazing Service in repairing windows. These things might just surprise you!

Draughts and Leaks

If there seems to be a chill -- or even a cold breeze -- whenever you're close to the windows, the odds are high that you're dealing with a draught or leak. Whilst these openings are so small that you probably can't see them, they can be large in terms of what they'll do to your heating (and also cooling) bills.

A simple window repair like adding insulation around the windows (and repairing glass if it's needed) can help you save up to 25 percent on your energy bills. The cost of the window repair is likely to pay for itself in terms of energy savings in fairly short order.

Condensation Inside the Home

Significant condensation can appear on your windows during both the cooler and the warmer months -- and it's a problem no matter when it happens. A small amount of condensation can be expected when there are temperature extremes, but it should be fairly rare and shouldn't linger for long periods of time. 

Any serious level of condensation is a sign that your window's seal may be broken, especially if it's a persistent problem. This problem can occur due to natural heat-induced shrinkage and expansion of the window seal and the frame around the window.

Eventually, this repeated shrinkage and expansion process -- usually over a period of many years -- leaves the seal weakened and finally broken. This, in turn, allows an easy entry point for moisture in the home. When the window seal is broken, the window frame may need replacement as well. However, if you address the issue quickly enough the frame may still be strong enough to keep the window properly secured. 

Need Help in Repairing Windows?

If you've noticed either condensation or a breeze around your windows, it's important that you contact a professional glass repair provider as soon as you're able. Whilst you'll have a cash outlay for the window repairs now, that investment will be well worth it in several ways: improved home insulation, improved comfort level in your home -- and lower energy costs in the long term!