If you have a wooden dock in your marina setup, you should invest in the maintenance and preservation of the structure. Timber docks are considerably long-lasting, and they will provide excellent service after installation. However, the construction material is still vulnerable in the aquatic environment. In simple terms, the timber can deteriorate in function and appearance due to the continued exposure to water. Therefore, you must make the right decisions during construction and upkeep for optimal longevity. Here are some practical guidelines to help you maintain your docks for extended service.

Choose Treated Timber

If you are planning on building, expanding or repairing your wooden dock, you should choose treated wood for the process. This choice is critical for continued service. In some cases, marina operators decide to utilise untreated timber for these procedures for cost reduction. Unfortunately, this type of bare wood will allow water penetration into the lumber structure, promoting premature rot. Also, the surfaces will be more susceptible to damage by water creatures. When you use wood which has been treated for use in docking applications, you will avoid these detriments. In simple terms, the material has special preservatives which minimise the disadvantages of exposure to water and prevent the damage of the structure by aquatic animals.

Know Your Sealing Options

Under ideal circumstances, you should not seal the wood used in dock construction. Sealing, painting and staining will temporarily improve the appearance of the docking surface. However, the chemicals might find their way into the surrounding water, causing a decline in quality. Remember, some chemicals used in sealants can also be harmful to aquatic life. Typically, the untreated lumber will be able to resist the damage quite well without additional treatments. If you must apply sealant on the dock, you should look for eco-friendly products which are intended for use in the marine environment. They are formulated with a minimal level of harmful compounds, and they will decrease wood porosity and prolong its lifespan.

Check the Fasteners

Finally, you should ensure that the fasteners used in dock construction are in optimal condition. These connectors are manufactured using metallic elements such as steel. While they are strong and durable, they can deteriorate in the presence of saline water. Therefore, you should make sure that the nails, screws and other fasteners are in place. Also, you should perform replacements as necessary. 

If you are uncertain about the right construction and maintenance techniques for your wooden docks, you should consult experienced marina builders for assessment and professional guidance.