Home renovations are common as your family grows and your residence no longer meets your immediate needs. And although some home renovations can easily be carried out as a DIY project, there are some aspects of remodelling that should always be left to the professionals. One of these aspects is residential demolition. Whether you are merely looking to knock down a wall or take down an entire section of your residence, do not be tempted to cut costs by embarking on the task on your own. The following are a couple of reasons why you should never engage in DIY residential demolition.

Exposure to lead-based paint

If your home is several decades old, the likelihood that lead-based paint was incorporated into the structure is quite high. You may assume that wearing some protective masks will keep you safe from exposure, but you would be wrong. If lead-based paint particles are released into the air, chances are it will settle in the different parts of your home. The consequences of this will vary depending on the inhabitants of your residence.

Firstly, children tend to be at a higher risk of developing complications due to lead paint exposure. Some of the adverse symptoms that kids can develop include losing their focus, decreased academic performance and more. Adults may not be severely affected, but they can develop an overall sense of sluggishness, which would affect their well-being.

Exposure to mould and mildew

Another reason not to engage in DIY residential demolition is exposure to mould. Some people assume that they would be able to discern if there is mould in their home by simply looking at their walls. The reality is that the growth of mould in your home can go on for an extended period while staying hidden to the naked eye as it would be located within your walls. It is when you just begin to demolish the home that you finally get access to the mould infestation, and put your entire house at risk.

Once the mould is airborne, it will quickly spread around the structure. Thus, although previously contained in one section of your home, you may now need mould remediation services for the entire premises. Secondly, if proper containment is not done, the spores will eventually start to cause respiratory problems in your home. A professional demolition company would know what measures to take to discern if your home is at risk of mould before the demolition process plus will be capable of restricting the spread of this fungus during the project.