Splashbacks are typically installed on kitchen and bathroom walls to perform the essential function of protecting the walls from damage and unsightly marks left behind by splashes as well as moisture and heat. In kitchens, they are particularly useful when fitted behind the sink and/or the cooker/cooktop. But it is in bathrooms that splashbacks tend to have the most drastic effect, as the panels can be installed on the walls entirely.

If you are considering giving your bathroom a complete makeover by installing splashbacks, you should know that not all splashbacks are created equal. Glass splashbacks, in particular, are increasingly becoming popular as the best alternative to traditional bathroom wall tiles because of the amazing benefits they have to offer. Here is a sneak peek at some of the top benefits that these splashbacks are revered for.

Glass splashbacks look ultra-modern.

If you are looking to give your bathroom a chic and modern look, glass splashbacks are the perfect construction products for your project. The reflective properties of glass combined with its smooth finish can increase the beauty of your bathroom in a big way. In addition, glass splashbacks come in a variety of colours so you can create patterns that introduce your bathroom to a whole new world of style and sophistication. As the splashbacks can be personalised, they can suit any bathroom design.

Glass splashbacks are easier to keep clean.

Bathrooms are the primary personal hygiene areas in the home, so you will want to keep your bathroom as clean as possible but with minimal effort, of course. If you want to avoid the back-breaking task of scrubbing traditional tiling to remove the dirt and grime that tends to accumulate on the walls due to daily use of the bathroom, installing glass splashbacks is the way to go. The elements can be wiped out of the glass surface with relatively less cleaning effort, meaning glass splashbacks are a more hygienic choice for your bathroom walls.

Glass splashbacks can give an illusion of larger space.

Another important reason to consider installing glass splashbacks is that they can be used to make your bathroom look larger than it really is. This attribute is particularly important if your bathroom is small in size and you would love to add a sense of space to it.

To find out which kind of glass splashbacks are right for your bathroom renovation, consider contacting the experts at a company supplying glass splashbacks.