If you are buying an older home, you might run across an issue of the house have asbestos contamination. This contamination can seep into the concrete foundation and slowly into the ground. If this has happened, that means the soils around the home may be contaminated as well. Before you move forward with asbestos soil removal, there are a few dos and don'ts you should keep in mind.

Do Have a Full Evaluation Done of the Property

You might know, due to a home inspection, that you have asbestos soil around your home. What you may not know is how far that contamination spreads. For example, there may have been an out building on the property that had asbestos. This means that the asbestos may have contaminated the ground in that area. By having a full evaluation of the property soil done and testing of that soil, you can ensure what parts of the property are contaminated with asbestos and how much asbestos soil removal will need to occur.

Do Use a Professional Asbestos Removal Service

Though professional asbestos removal services may seem like an expensive option, there are a few reasons you should use them. One of the first reasons is the equipment and safety gear they use. Though you may be able to find asbestos removal kits and methods you can do yourself, you would not be able to get the equipment or safety gear as easily. Keep in mind, asbestos-contaminated soil can be as deadly to you as asbestos in any other form. By using a professional service, you reduce the costs of the equipment you may not have and you ensure safe removal.

Don't Simply Try to Excavate the Soil

You may be tempted to try to remove the soil yourself. There are several issues with this. Though the most common issue would be further contamination of the area, there are other reasons you should know. For example, you may know the general area of the asbestos soil. What you may not know is how deep that asbestos, or how wide that soil, reaches. This means you may leave some asbestos behind. You may also end up inhaling the asbestos if you do not have the higher quality face masks that professionals would have.

By keeping these dos and don'ts of asbestos soil removal in mind, you can be sure to cover all of your bases safely. If you are ready to get started, make sure to contact your local agency. They can let you know if there are any special rules for your area, including guidelines or permits.