Have you ever looked into the bathroom mirror and seen a great big stain looking back at you? This is not a statement about self-esteem. It's more the fact that bathroom mirrors can in fact become stained and tarnished. Generally speaking, the stain will not be a permanent one, and if it has mistakenly happened to your bathroom, chances are you won't do it again. But how can bathroom mirrors become stained? And how can you fix it so that the only thing looking out from your mirror is your own face?

Improper Cleaning Products

The stain would likely have been caused with the best of intentions. Some cleaning products are simply not designed for mirrors and can leave a difficult-to-shift residue on the surface of the glass. It's a simple mistake to make, but before applying any type of cleaning solution to a bathroom mirror, you should ensure that it's designed for this type of surface. Some all-purpose cleaners are not as 'all purpose' as they claim.

Proper, Precise Cleaning

Removing the residue can be as simple as using a specialist cleaning product that has specifically been designed for mirrors. Please ensure that the mirror is firmly attached to the wall prior to any type of scrubbing or hard rubbing. With mirrors that are only secured by a hook, it can be wise to remove the mirror from the wall prior to cleaning it. For stains that seem to be particularly difficult to shift, you could soak a cotton ball with the cleaning solution and rubbing it vigorously against the glass. It might seem labour-intensive, but for tough staining, this can yield better results than a generalised spray and wipe. But what about when the stains seem to be permanent and no amount of rubbing will remove them?

Damaged Silvering

When an improper cleaning product has repeatedly been applied, it has the potential to seep into the edges and backing of a mirror, damaging the mirror's silvering. This is difficult to remedy. When a large, prominent section of the mirror has become tarnished, replacement is about your only option. When only the edges have been affected, you have the option of fitting a frame with edging of a sufficient width to cover the tarnished sections.

It might seem a little bit frustrating to inadvertently stain something you were trying to clean, but this can be the case when it comes to your bathroom mirrors.