Most people understand how important it is to hire an expert tradesperson when they need to repair or replace something. They wouldn't dream, for example, of trying to rewire their attic on their own and would always contract with an electrician instead. However, they may be a little more ambitious when it comes to painting the exterior of their home and may not apply the same logic at all. They may think that they can save a few bucks by handling it themselves. If you are thinking about taking on this job, what do you need to take into account?


Don't underestimate the scale of this job, even if the home is of average size. It may not be difficult to access an exterior wall at the ground level, but what about those hard-to-reach places? Just think how much time it's likely to take for you to do the work and calculate how much one hour of your time is worth. Certainly, you may be doing this in your spare time, but you will quickly eat into any leisure time for the next few weeks.


How do you feel about standing on top of a tall ladder for long periods of time? You may have to climb onto the roof and lean into some precarious positions in order to get the job done properly. Certainly, painting a house wall can be quite safe for most of the time, but you may not want to risk injury by painting anything high up. Remember, professional painters do this every day, so they know the limits and have special techniques that keep them safe.


You need to be sure that you paint the entire home and not just the areas that are visible. If you don't, you may miss some small gaps next to the panelling or above the door, which could then be more vulnerable to water accumulation and other types of damage. This is not just about making the home look nice but protecting it somewhat as well.


Don't be surprised if a professional painter turns up with several people as part of a team approach to getting the work done. They will be able to finish this job far more quickly as a consequence, which means less disruption on and around the property. You'll be able to admire this work of art in the relatively near future, as opposed to having to wait until you've finished it yourself, whenever that may be.

If you are rethinking your plan to paint your house yourself or if you want more information, contact a professional painters service.