Now that the cold months are behind everyone, it's time you started thinking about getting your home ready for the warm weather. This is the perfect time to conduct some garage door repair and maintenance to ensure your door works well during summer. The cold weather and icy conditions experienced during winter can easily wreak havoc on your garage door. Therefore, it's vital to perform maintenance and repairs now that it's getting warmer.

You could be tempted to ignore this just because the door looks good at face value or you haven't experienced any problems. However, conducting some maintenance now will save you money on expensive repairs later. Below are some general repair and maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Cleaning the door

One of the dirtiest spots in a home is the garage because this is where you keep your tools, car, yard supplies and miscellaneous boxes. All these things easily collect dirt, dust and grease. Since the garage door is exposed to these elements 24/7, it can get extremely filthy. Consider washing both sides of the door to get rid of dust, dirt or any other elements that may have accumulated.

Checking wear and tear

Now that the door is clean, perform a general inspection of the door. Begin by checking for cables that could show signs of wearing or fraying. If you notice signs of wear on the cables, then you will need to replace them. Contact the local garage door experts to handle the repairs on your behalf. Additionally, check the rails, hinges, ball-bearings and supports of the garage door to make sure they are in excellent working order. If anything is breaking or loose, you'll need to address the problems sooner than later.


Since the weather is warm, this is an ideal time to lubricate moving parts of your garage door such as tracks, hinges and rollers. This helps the door operate correctly and avoid common damages that could occur.

Avoid using oils such as WD-40 and instead, go for oils and lubricants that are explicitly designed for garage doors. Also, don't use too much oil since excess oil attracts dirt and dust which wears out different parts of the door. Consider using a lubricant that has silicone for exterior weather stripping.

Checking bolts and springs

Ensure the bolts on your door are tightened well to maintain safety in your home. You don't want the door to fall and injure your loved one or damage the car. Additionally, check the springs to ensure they are free of rust – this prolongs their life.

For more information and assistance, contact your local garage door service.