If you are planning on some DIY home improvements that involve digging, you will definitely need to hire an excavator. This type of equipment is extremely versatile and be used for a myriad of jobs, from digging up trenches to even creating a pond on your property. However, the reason why this piece of equipment is versatile is that it is available in an array of sizes that can all be employed with different kinds of attachments. Therefore, before you go out and hire the most affordable type of excavator, several things should be in mind so that you lease the best option for your needs. This article explores what you need to know before hiring an excavator for the first time.

What excavator will be best for your project?

As mentioned above, excavators can be employed for projects as big as constructing a swimming pool to as small as installing fencing poles. Backhoe excavators tend to be the most sought-after options and are characterised by a large bucket that is fitted at the back of the equipment. This type of excavator also has are articulated arms outfitted at the front, making it great for transporting debris too. If you need an excavator to work on an expansive lot, you should consider a crawler, which is mobile on both smooth and rough terrain. A crawler excavator is mainly utilised to dig and grade the earth, as well as to transport bulky objects. If your project needs debris to be vacuumed out of a hole, you could choose a suction exactor since this option comes with a robust pipe.

What types of permits do you need?

When hiring an excavator for the first time, it is advisable to opt to hire an operator too since they are highly skilled at manoeuvring through different types of spaces. Nonetheless, if you are hell-bent on doing it on your own, then all you will need is a valid driver's license. It is worth noting, though, that different rental companies will have their own specific regulations that need to be followed before you can operate this heavy equipment machinery on your own. Overall, to be on the safe side, you should consider having an operator on your side.

How soon should you hire the excavator?

Excavators, generally speaking, tend to be readily available since providers will try to have a comprehensive fleet to suit a majority of people's needs. But if your project is time-sensitive, then it will be best to try to reserve the equipment as soon as you can to avoid any disappointments down the road.