One way to update your home is to refresh the walls with cement rendering. This treatment will not only protect the surface, but it will also add a decorative element. Read on to discover several ways to apply this treatment

Update Exterior Walls

Around a brick dwelling, rendering can cover walls to produce a sleek, minimalist finish. Numerous bricks and grout lines create fussy detailing across your home's exterior. A cement rendering, however, covers the clutter with a uniform surface. Contractors can create a smooth finish or texture the surface using a broom, sponge or Hessian bag. You can also be selective in how much of your home to treat. Cover all the brickwork with cement or dress selected sections. Modern homes often combine diverse materials, and a rendered part will bring out the warmth and richness of timber weatherboard or a wooden fence. With rendering, you can customise how you apply textures to harmonise with your home, whether it's traditional or contemporary style.

Decorate A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls not only level out a landscape, but they ornament a space. Construct a barrier in brick or concrete blocks and cover it with cement rendering in a hue to complement the garden. You can add pigments to the cement or else paint the finished wall. Even on flat terrain, retaining walls can encircle raised garden beds, which you can fill with lush foliage and flowers. If you have a patio, build a low, curved barrier around the space to place pot plants on. The clear areas create ideal seating where you can enjoy the sunshine. Alternatively, refresh a tired brick fence with a sleek cement cover for a stylish appearance. 

Create An Interior Accent Wall

Inside your home, you might be looking for a way to incorporate enticing elements. One way to do with is with a textured accent wall. Why not render a wall in your kitchen with a cement finish that you can colour with virtually any hue to match the decor? Place a dining table and chairs against the surface to give a cafe feel. You can use this treatment in any area of your home to add a sense of warmth; a TV den area is another excellent target. If you have a structurally sound wall with some minor cracks, this treatment will protect and decorate the surface simultaneously. Contact companies that offer cement rendering services for more ideas on how to enhance your home with rendering.