External cladding refers to any product installed on the exterior surface of a building to help with preventing weather damage while providing an aesthetically impressive appearance. Other common uses of these cladding systems include but are not limited to providing fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation. If you're in the market for an external cladding product for your home, you may be taken aback by the many different varieties of cladding there are to choose from. Below are some important considerations to make when deciding on the right external cladding for your needs.

Cladding Durability and Lifespan

External cladding is available in a variety of materials, with some materials performing better and lasting longer than others, depending on the environments in which they're used.

For example, metal cladding is generally the most durable type of cladding. However, its performance and durability can reduce significantly when used in corrosive coastal environments. Stone, both natural and engineered, is also durable, but it can crack over time especially when directly exposed to the sun. Wood is the least durable cladding material, and it will require periodic repainting or refinishing to prevent premature rotting and warping. Be sure to choose a cladding product that has the rated lifespan and durability benefits you desire.

Cladding Installation

When it comes to installation, all cladding products can be categorised into two main types: single-skin and double-skin.

Single-skin cladding is cladding that can go directly onto the building, whereas double-skin is installed as two layers of cladding with insulation inserted in between. The type of cladding you choose should be based on your insulation and energy efficiency needs as well as the structural requirements of your building.

Cladding Appearance 

A good external cladding material shouldn't detract from the architectural beauty of your home but complement it seamlessly. In determining the right cladding material for your home's exterior, make sure you envision how your home will look like with the cladding system installed.

There is cladding that can create any look you want, be it something natural and rustic like stone and wood or something modern and chic like metal and decorative concrete. Choose wisely.

Cladding Maintenance

No cladding product is completely maintenance-free. All cladding products require some level of maintenance to perform well and keep looking good throughout their rated lifespan. When you're choosing external cladding, be sure to choose a product you can maintain with minimal hassle.

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