When you develop a virgin tract of land, your first thought may turn to profitability. You will want to know how many individual plots you can divide and how much you can make from each one as you progress. While you will always want to work with engineers, designers and builders that understand this type of project, you also need to bear in mind your obligations from a planning point of view. In particular, you will need to plan access and road development carefully as this can be a very complicated area. What are some of the things you need to bear in mind?

Roads and Access

While rules and regulations can vary from place to place, you will certainly need to focus on where and how your main access road connects with a public street. You need to make sure that the positioning, elevation and contour of your road match the specification of the existing street, and that you take into account flood water and drainage as you plan. Will the roads in your development be wide enough from a safety point of view, as these calculations may be very different from your initial plan?

You will need to ensure that you match specific criteria from a safety point of view as well. For example, your access point will need to be clearly visible to road users as they approach, and you must make sure that there is adequate room for turning and stopping.

Stringent Standards

You may also have to account for lighting, and this may need to match the standards already in existence on public access roads. You'll almost certainly have to introduce fire hydrants and connect these to utility services in accordance with stringent government guidelines.

Imposed Restrictions

With an eye to the environment, government regulators may introduce restrictions that limit the amount of available space within the subdivision. They may insist that you retain some existing natural features like wetlands, or that you keep certain mature trees that may already be in place. You may need to be creative as you incorporate these features into your layout before you attain approval.

Working with Experts

Before you go too much further, talk to contractors with experience in complex land division projects. They will be able to advise you and help you make alterations to your plan if needed so that you will gain government approval and can proceed accordingly.

For more information, contact a land division service in your area.