When you look at a newly laid road, it can be hard to think that in only a short time, wear and tear will begin to become apparent. Every vehicle that passes along the road will take a toll on the road surface, and while the effect may not be immediately apparent, it won't be too long before some form of road maintenance is needed to stop your road deteriorating further. Whether the road leads to your home or your business site, or it is simply across your property, it is essential that you maintain it in good condition to prevent accidents and keep road users safe.

What road maintenance might be needed?

Unless you want a road to fall into a state of complete disrepair, you must institute a policy of regular preventative road maintenance. The type of road maintenance needed and the frequency of that maintenance will depend on how often the road is used and the type of traffic that it typically carries, but it could include both pothole repair and road resurfacing. Other things that are also considered as road maintenance are unblocking and repairing the drains or gullies in the road and making certain that any grids or manhole covers that are present remain in good condition.

What does preventative road maintenance look like?

Often, at its most basic level, preventative road maintenance is simply walking along the road to check that there is no visible damage. Road inspections can help to identify any problems early and stop them growing to become more serious issues which could require major work. Preventative road maintenance would also include road emulsions and surface treatments to protect the road surface from both the elements and road traffic.  

While preventative road maintenance should catch the majority of your road problems, there will always be times when more reactive road maintenance is needed. Perhaps, there is an accident that damages the road surface or a flood that sweeps away the foundations of the road. While either of these situations could be considered emergency maintenance, a more common form of damage requiring reactive maintenance is a pothole, often caused by the road surface cracking and eroding.

To find out more about how to maintain your road surfaces and to find out where you can turn for assistance with repairs, speak to a local road maintenance company today. They will be able to explain which products you can use and who would be best qualified to undertake the needed road maintenance.