Construction projects take many forms. You could be installing utility pipes, building a home or setting up a commercial facility. Regardless of your project's nature, the underlying factor is that you will have to do excavations at a certain point. They are a critical component of any construction undertaking, often used to set up the structure's foundation. Builders and contractors also excavate to clear the site and make it suitable for your particular project. They use special tools to move unwanted materials out of the way and create room for the structure. Do you know the different types of excavation used during construction? Learn more here.

Rock Excavation

It is common to find lots of rocks and hard soil in construction sites. Such surfaces are uneven and unpredictable, making them unsuitable for laying your structure's foundation. Indeed, digging through rocks is a difficult undertaking compared to the other types of excavation. Contractors rely on special equipment with diamond drill bits to penetrate and break down rocky areas. They can also use explosives to blast the rocks into small pieces that can be moved using robust buckets. It is worth noting that the use of explosives requires strict control of the process to minimise damage to adjacent areas.

Topsoil Excavation

Top soil excavation refers to the removal of the topsoil layers and materials on the soil surface. Usually, the objective here is to remove vegetation, debris, decaying material and loose soil. The process requires equipment such as backhoe loaders with adjustable shovels, skid steer loaders and powered rakes.

Muck Excavation

There is often a lot of water in the soil. The water forms a water table in the intermittent soil layers, where it does not affect most construction projects. However, this may not be the case for all sites because some areas have a high water table, meaning that builders must deal with muck from the start. Muck is a mixture of water and soil, and it is an undesirable element in any construction site. Contractors can remove the muck using machinery with attachments. Special mechanical dredgers are also available for removing muck or spreading it out to dry.

Trench Excavation

Trench excavation is also common in construction sites. The process involves making trenches where the depth is lessthan the length of the area you are excavating. Trenching is popular for creating drainage channels and foundation footings. Your crew will need ditchers to carry out this process.