Lockdowns have been tough on much of the east coast in the past year and a half with millions of people suffering and thousands of businesses forced to close for extended periods of time. If you have weathered that storm and kept your business afloat, then you are probably itching to get back to work, but before you do you need to consider how you will reopen. Using commercial cleaning services is the best way to give a guarantee to your customers that your place of business is clean and ready for their presence, especially in these three key industries.


Gyms have been hit hard because of how social they are, it is impossible to keep them open during a pandemic. Now, as they start to reopen, it is important that you make sure every surface is wiped down and each machine is ready to be used as soon as you are legally allowed to. Not only that, but the showers, offices and storage areas all could use a very healthy scrubbing down as well so that it doesn't feel like a dust trap but a place of business that is ready for the customers to come flooding back through the doors!


Many offices have been closed for months with employees either working from home or not at all during the pandemic. As restrictions ease, a lot of people are keen to get out of their house and back into their place of work. Before that happens you need to make sure that it is a suitably professional environment again. There are so many different surfaces in an office that need to be dusted and cleaned from the desks and cupboards to the keyboards and monitors of every computer. Initiating regular commercial cleaning services means that the chance of an outbreak in your office in the future is as minimised as it possibly can be, which is good for your clients and employees.

Childcare Locations

Childcare has been one of the few industries that have been allowed to operate in some quarantined areas, but a lot of families have kept children home during this period. Children need a safe and clean environment to be able to eat, play and take naps in, and that means cleaning out deep-seated muck and grime that will build up over time in all the little nooks and crannies that a childcare centre has. Using a professional carpet cleaning machine is also a great way to get out all the pesky allergens that can get stuck in your carpet which so many children are allergic to these days.