Whether you're buying land for residential or commercial construction purposes, the process can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You must adhere to various things, including municipal property regulations. With so much to deal with, the entire process can seem overwhelming. 

Here's where a land surveyor comes to your aid. Continue reading this post to learn four unique ways land surveyors can be beneficial when purchasing land. 

Determining a Property's Boundary Lines

Without the proper know-how, there are various aspects of land acquisition you can't handle on your own. For example, it might be impossible to determine the correct boundary lines for the property you want to purchase. Most boundaries are irregular and tricky to establish without proper equipment.  

However, a professional land surveyor can determine the plot's boundary lines through comprehensive property surveys. The surveys will prove whether the lot lies within the wrong or right boundaries. After the survey, your land surveyor furnishes you with a boundary certificate necessary to allow the commencement of your development project. 

Identification of Water Bodies

Some properties lie near water bodies, including lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds. Various codes regulate development projects near water bodies you should be aware of before purchasing a piece of land. 

Additionally, the property might contain underground water sources and wetlands you aren't aware of. However, a land surveyor can help identify such water sources and whether they are under the control of your local municipal council. 

Assessment of Right of Way, Roads and Easements

The laws governing land ownership are intricate. Knowing the regulations affecting a piece of land might be challenging for regular land buyers with little knowledge regarding applicable laws. However, a land surveyor can identify all bylaws affecting the land or reflect on your land title. 

Ideally, land surveyors can determine easement agreements that allow neighbours to create paths in your yard for easier access to primary roads. It's, therefore, imperative to work with a professional land surveyor to make everything more transparent and avoid unnecessary boundary disputes with your neighbours.

Land Subdivision

Do you have plans to subdivide your piece of land but aren't sure where to begin? The best way to deal with this issue is to hire a reputable land surveyor. The expert can help you subdivide your plot and allow for easier asset management. Often the surveyor will follow the local council's subdivision regulations while citing other critical considerations, including: 

  • Corner marks

  • Registration requirements

  • Survey disclosures

  • Smallest street width

  • Land certificates/ title requirements


The services provided by land surveyors are arguably inevitable when purchasing a property. Regardless of these four reasons, hiring a land surveyor is beneficial before commencing your development project.